Daily Rehab Routine

Our structured and intensive daily schedule has been carefully constructed by our therapist and counselors. It immerses patients in the programme in a safe and supportive environment and has a clear focus - abstinence.

Our schedule is designed to be varied and engaging and is occasionally altered based on the input and views of staff and patients.

This is an example of a typical day's activities for patients in primary care:


7.30 AM Meditation and reflection
8.00 AM Breakfast
8.20 AM Therapeutic activities
8.40 AM Yoga therapy
9.00 AM Lecture and discussion
10.00 AM Group therapy
11.00 AM Break
11.20 AM Lecture / relaxation / therapy
12 PM Medication issued by nurses


1.00 PM Lunch
2.00 PM Group therapy
3.00 PM Break / Fitness / Creative Therapy
4.15 PM Peer evaluation / assignment
5.00 PM Life story session
5.30 PM Medication issued by nurses


6.00 PM Evening meal
6.30 PM Outings to AA/NA meetings
6.40 PM Therapeutic assignments
7.30 PM Therapeutic reading group
8.00 PM Assignments / informal sharing
9.30 PM Medication issued by nurses
11.00 PM Patients retire to bed

"A successful treatment programme for addictive disease needs structure because so often in the lives of our patients there is no structure. The drug dictates how they live their life."

-Senior Therapist